You can download in the Sierra’s website. This link and choose your type of product. For example : type Usb Modem Sierra 875U, with : Windows Xp as the OS (Operating System), and you will get “3G WATCHER GENERIC”, …with extension :”.msi”,….atc.
With 3G Watcher is simpler than its original Software (AT&T Connection Manager), that embeded/included in the (image file), on the modems (from type :88x), because type USB 875U has not embeded by this software file.

Right now, in the Sierra Website (Sierra Link) there is no 3G Watcher software with this feature (voice/phone call), so when I finally found my (enclosed) old CD from my Modem USB 875U, there is 3G Watcher that I ‘ve been looking for.
t will make our Sierra Modems can become “telephone”, so we can activate new SIM card from it. Make phone call to “the real telephone/Hp”. I will give you the link of this “old” but “precious” software. In my modem USB 875U will detect the bandwidth only : 3.6Mbps with this software.

NOTE: This software is worked with my USB modem 875U (there is no GPS on it), but May be this is not working at other higher type as, USB 881U. But I have firmware to enable/disable voice/call feature.

I hope it will help, thanks..

You can make partition when you first install Windows XP, Boot from CD/DVD ROM, after enter, and hit F8 the computer will searching previous system (if there is one installed before). But first install will found UNALLOCATED/UNFORMATTED harddisk. By press C (create) yaou can create the partition you wanted. Press enter to fix it, and other partition is unallocated, you can make other partition by pressing C to spesified capacity of partition or just enter to make partition with left capacity of your harddisk. Ok! the patition of you harddisk is devide into OPERATING SYSTEMS (C drive usually) and DATA drive.
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Make Money With Your Website

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To Raise PageRank

Google Pagerank
Google pagerank is our website/blog’s rank from entire website/blog in this cyberworld, ranked by Google. Higher the rank better to take opportunity in online business, such as Page To Review, Sell Space in your website, atc.
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If you have not been received by GoogleAdsense then there is another alternative, namely AdsenseCamp – Adsense Made in Indonesia.
For those of you who have never tried to find the money in cyberspace, there is one of the original adsense made in Indonesia, and really can give you extra money. All you need is an internet connection, the data yourself, email and land/place to put their ads,…. your website / blog. Well for the blogger who use blogs you can put the ads there. As my blog this . Which I can outsource even more than one ad and one that I can place AdsenseCamp. It would be better if the blog / website you are paid (not free blog/website). But with the free blog ( especially: blogger/blogspot not wordpress) you can also install AdsenseCamp’s scripts. Read the rest of this entry »

Google Translation
All you need is to have an internet connection and look for links google translate..In many instances the google translate is not 100% correct in grammar and sentence, it is not perfect / accurate with the meaning of the coversation we use everyday.
So need a little “touch” to fix it. But its global google translate very nice, and not too much to change the writing which we translate.

Translate’s software language that consist of English and Indonesian.
This software is usually to translate the word – per – word, not a particular idiom or expression.
So if they do not master the “grammar and tenses” we will not be easy to make writing in English, for example :If we just copy and paste the result of transtool’s translation will make confuse, because the grammar and tenses is not good enaugh.
In other words transtool only finding aids for a more complete vocabulary to us.
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